You are a serious entrepreneur or hard working person who wants to get a lot more done. I know this because you are reading this right now. I can help, and that is because I have spent the majority of my adult life figuring out how to get more done and one of the best tactics I am going to share is the 12 week year method.

Furthermore, the majority of business owners and workers use a typical annual year plan.

Moreover, they sit down at the start of the year to figure out what their goals are for the next year.

The 12 Week Plan

Do you know what happens next? They forget these goals at best a few months after setting them.

The explanation for this is simple and that is because the goal is too far in advance.

"People often do not know what they will be doing next week, let alone in 365 days time".


Therefore, the solution is to shorten the year down. The best way to do this is to start setting objectives which need to be completed in the next 12 weeks.

What do you want to achieve in your 12 week year? Set your goals now and stick with this plan and chances are you will accomplish them because:

  1. The deadline is close enough to keep it relevant.
  2. It allows you to keep focused.
  3. Parkinson's law steps in which means that you will get it everything done regardless of the deadline you set.

However, you may be asking why doesn't everyone use the 12 week year?

The reason is because either people do not know how effective it is or they do not know how to actually put it into action.

Here is a short video on how to use the 12 week year method.

If you stick to your 12 week year, then I can guarantee that you will get more done in the next 3 months than the majority of other people will get done in the next year.