You need to add more images into your blog posts.

Furthermore, studies have found that visitors are more likely to stay on your blog post if you have more images. However, that is not to say that you should swamp your post with photos.

Ideally you want to have a picture every 150 words. Although for shorter blog posts this can be every 50 words.

Add More Images

Reduced Bounce Rate

Web users like to skim through text. They are not there to read a novel or an essay style blog.

That is just off putting!

Therefore, make your posts look more visual. You can do this easily by adding in relevant and exciting images.


Looks Longer

Another benefit to having more images is that it will make your content look longer. This will prevent you from writing more content because your post will be long enough with the use of relevant images.

Surely, you want to save time?

Add More Images

Better Learning Experience

Not everyone who lands on your blog post will be verbal learners. In fact, lots of people may learn better visually.

As a result, by adding more photos you will improve the learning experience and visitors will be more likely to come back and read your next post.

So there we have it. Start adding more photos today and watch your views and return users increase.

I would highly recommend using Google Analytics to track your user count.

Add More Images

Monitor the bounce rate on the posts you have with less images and compare it with the bounce rate you receive on posts with more photos. I am certain that the result will be astounding.

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