Anyone can beat procrastination by taking simple steps each day to eliminate the lazy habit. However, you must start taking action today to prevent procrastination taking over your life.

Beat Procrastination
Beat Procrastination

Firstly, let me ask you, what do you think is the biggest influence to procrastination in 2019?

The answer is ǝuoɥԀ ɹno⅄.

Each day thousands of people are reaching for their mobile phones to check up on their social media accounts, message friends and play games. However, this is time wasting. Therefore, if you are not using your phone to do something productive then leave it at the other side of the room. Make sure it is not accessible and make a habit to reduce your time spent using your device. You can even set up limits on apps which will notify you when you are spending too much time browsing.

Beat Procrastination

What is the opposite of procrastination? It is motivation.

Motivation can come from anywhere at any time. However it is important to figure out what motivates you and what will encourage you to complete each task and project.

Everyone find motivation from different places, therefore does money motivate you? Or are you motivated by a deadline? Work it out and use it the next time you need to complete a task.

Also, make sure to reward yourself when you have completed something. This will encourage you to get the tasks completed. Rewards can be anything from a bar of chocolate, to a short break or even a browse around social media. The intention here is to give your brain a rest. It will be no fun if it is all work and no play, that would actually have a reverse effect and would boost procrastination the next time you work.

Overall, you can beat procrastination simply by making small changes each day.