If you are reading this then you are most likely a business owner. Therefore you must know the big mistakes online businesses make.

So let’s start with the biggest killer.

That is writing like a robot.


Content on your website needs to flow like speaking to another individual.

Let’s face it, you hate it when you are speaking to a live chat robot online?

Okay, so how do we address this problem?

You need to make sure that you’re addressing your reader as ‘You‘ and yourself as ‘We‘ or ‘I‘.

Big Mistakes Online Businesses Make

Therefore you must ensure that you do not speak to your reader as the client and yourself as the company.

From my research, there are so many websites which give the impression that it is not a one-to-one discussion.

As a result this decreases the personal touch between the reader and your content.

So, start (today) writing as if you are talking to the other person. In fact, an easy way to do this is to use a voice app which will transcribe your text.

I will let you in on a little secret. I am writing this article using that exact same method using my iPhone and Apple notes.

Lack Of TESS

Big Mistakes Online Businesses Make

Another mistake online businesses make is not including TESS on their website.





You must ensure that you have included all of the TESS factors on your website to create trust with your potential customers.

If a potential customer does like what you offer, however they cannot find any proof from previous customers then it may prevent them from ordering your services.

Social Proof

On the other hand, if they do still wish to find out more information, it will save you time by preventing you from having to supply these details when they could’ve found them already on your website.

Hard To Read Articles

I often see websites with really hard to read articles.

The majority of readers online tend to skim through text, I bet you prefer this right?

Therefore, make sure that you do not write huge paragraphs which will put the reader off.

Readers are not here to read a novel, they are here to find out information.

No Feedback System

Finally, the last mistake I’m going to mention here is the lack of a feedback system on websites.

A feedback system enables your audience to provide constructive criticism on the website which could increase the overall quality.

Big Mistakes Online Businesses Make

Also your audience will most likely find things you never even thought about.

So there we have it.

These are just a few of the big mistakes online businesses make.

REMEMBER you should not fall into the same trap which many other businesses have.

If you stay away from these mistakes you will set yourself up for far greater success.