If you really want to see success then you must stop chasing your tail.

What do I mean by chasing your tail? It means that you are constantly trying to catch up on your workload and tasks.

The problem with having lots of outstanding tasks is that it prevents you from getting ahead. It also enables your competitors to speed past you. As a result, you may get to a point where it maybe impossible to catch up. Therefore catch up today.


I want you to get all of your outstanding tasks done TODAY. Then, you can move forward tomorrow.

Now, you may be thinking, how am I am going to catch up on everything today? Well the trick is to delegate it all out.

Yes, it may cost you today to get everything done. However, it will enable you to make it back with more profit tomorrow.

The effects of having outstanding tasks is extremely damaging, not only your mental health but also on your productivity levels.

Zeigarnik Effect

I once read a book, which states that having lots of outstanding tasks can leave you feeling anxious and worn out. This is because of the Zeigarnik effect. This is essentially the emotional response people feel when something is not finished.


Furthermore, humans need to have closure. Therefore if you have tasks which are not completed then they will hang over you like a black cloud. This is not widely know in business and a lot of business owners are confused as to why they always feel stressed and anxious. This could be one of the main reasons why.

So there we have it. You must stop playing catch up. For one, it is not healthy and it also damaging your chances of success.

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