Being in business means that you are selling to customers. However, customers do not buy products or services, here is what customers really buy.

Customers buy solutions to their problems. Nobody ever buys anything without it having a purpose. Therefore you must change your mindset to increase sales. 

What Customers Really Buy

Firstly, you need to work out if your product or service actually fixes the problems your customers have.

If it does, great. If not then you really need to find out the problems of your customers and provide them a solution.

Here is a quick exercise.

Think back to the last item or service you purchased. I can guarantee you parted with your cash with the intention of it solving a problem. Correct?


Everything I have mentioned so far is common knowledge. However, you will be surprised just how many business owners and sales professionals forget the basic fundamentals.

Once you have determined that what you are offering is a solution, then you should start marketing your service and product to reflect this.

In fact, the best ads and marketing campaigns I have seen are the ones which clearly identify a problem and the solution. Do your ads do that? Check them now. 


So there we have it. Remember what customers really buy. You will never sell a service and product to anyone again. You will only ever sell a solution to their problem. If your solution does not fix their problem then you will lose repeat customers and it will be far harder for you to grow in business.

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