Strong delegation skills is one of the greatest qualities a manager or leader can have. However, lots of managers get it wrong and wonder why they do not get the results they require. Therefore, here we go through how to delegate properly.

How To Delegate Properly

Firstly, the main point of delegating is to get more done. However, what happens when a manger does not let go of tasks? What happens is that nothing progresses.

Confidence In The Team

A manager needs to have be able to have confidence in his or her team and know that the team will be able to get it completed to the best of their ability. However, lots of managers are afraid to let go due to them feeling that the task will not be completed to the same quality. This is one of the main fundamental mistakes made whilst delegating. Therefore have trust in your team.

Be Clear

Another way to delegate properly is to be as clear as possible. You need to be able to explain and provide clear instructions whilst delegating to prevent confusion and to also speed up tasks. It is no good, if your team are constantly coming to ask you questions because you may as well have done the task your self. Therefore, be very transparent as to what you want to to achieve and make them know clearly what their job is.

Ask For Feedback

Always ask for feedback from your team. How do you know if your delegation skills are working and up to scratch if you do not receive feedback from the people you are delegating to?

Treat Your Team Well

Also, remember to treat your team well. Treat your team the same as you would want to be treated. This will therefore build morale amongst your workers and as a result will produce far greater results.

How To Delegate Properly


Lastly, you must keep pushing your team forward. Give them the training they require and ensure you all never stop learning.

More ways to delegate properly by Dave Pendleton at Trans 2 Performance.

1. Pick the right person, picking the nearest person is the biggest contributing factor to failure

2. Match the abilities of the individual to the specifics of the task (detail orientated task to detail orientated people)

3. Clear communication in every way when delegating a task

4. Delegate smaller tasks much more frequently, especially to newer team members

5. Where possible delegate the whole task but bear the above in mind.

6. Always measure the outcome so you give clear and specific feedback, celebrate success and give corrective feedback 

7. Allow the person to clarify as and when needed especially to newer team members or when delegating a large or complex task

8. Delegation is about engaging and empowering people not getting more done, the byproduct of appropriate delegation is that you can get more done.

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How To Delegate Properly. Improve Your Delegation Skills Today.
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How To Delegate Properly. Improve Your Delegation Skills Today.
Here we go through how to delegate properly. Furthermore, strong delegation skills is one of the greatest qualities a manager or leader can have.
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