There are many different types of leaders ranging from those who make all the decisions to those who put it to a vote. However, what are the different types of leadership?



Autocratic leadership is where the leader makes all the decisions. In this type of set up, the leader will use his intuition to make a final decision without consulting with the rest of their team.


Democratic Leader

Democratic leaders allow the team to have a say on the final decision. In this type of leadership arrangement, you will find a lot of discussions and debates taking place.

In my opinion, this is the best type of leadership because it takes everyone into account. As a result, it doesn’t disregard anyones opinion and it generally increases morale around the office.

Let’s face it; nobody wants to work in an organisation where it is just one person pulling all the strings. That is not enjoyable at all, especially when you don’t agree with the decision yet you have no say in the final result.



A laissez-faire leadership is where there is little or no direction provided by the leader. Furthermore, employees can do whatever they want and they are left to their own devices.

Some organisations benefit from this and some employees do prefer to be left on their own to get on with the job. However, employees do miss out on clear direction and this can be a huge disadvantage when looking to push forward.


Different Types Of Leadership

Lastly, we have the multicratic leader. This leader uses all different styles of leadership and they generally use elements of each of the leadership styles listed above.

These are just some types of leadership styles.

Which type of leader are you?

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