Anyone who has a business or project knows how time-consuming data entry is. But, many do not know that doing your own data entry is a waste of time.

I imagine you have at one point spent hours working through a spreadsheet or updating documents? It is like a lead weight pulling you back. It has a huge knock-on effect on your success too. Let’s face it; if you are spending precious hours working through mundane data jobs, then you can hardly concentrate on the more critical tasks. What happens is, you get behind, and it can dramatically reduce your revenue too.

The most successful and high flying business and project owners know the importance of outsourcing data jobs. It is one of the reasons they are at the top of their game in the first place because they possess quality delegation skills. Do you think that owners of big companies are spending their days working through documents? Nope, they are out making their business grow even more. It would be best if you were doing this too. Therefore, if you are working on a data entry project right now, or if you do start one soon, remember to STOP before it takes any more of your required energy.

Doing Your Own Data Entry Is A Waste Of Time

It would be best if you decide from this day on, never to carry out any data tasks ever again. Also, if you have a regular data exercise, you should consider scrapping it all together from your calendar and outsourcing it to a freelancer instead. Why outsource it? Because it makes sense. You do not need to worry about it; also, you get more time to concentrate on more important and exciting tasks.

Long Term Gains

Although you will have to pay a freelancer to carry out the work, you will make more money from it in the longer term. Therefore, it is a no brainer. Please do not make the same mistake I did early in my career by doing everything yourself. Also, I had the belief that if I keep my expenses down, I will have more money. But, sometimes, you need to spend a little to earn more.

Doing Your Own Data Entry Is A Waste Of Time

So, it is true, doing your own data entry is a waste of time.

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