Here I explain how to realistically earn 100k a year through goal-setting. The technique I will be discussing is the working backwards method. 

Furthermore, by working backwards with your finances, you will be pleasantly surprised just how much money you can make and it does not need to stop at £100,000.

How To Realistically Earn £100k A Year

However, when I say work backwards, what is it that I mean?

The phrase working backwards is doing exactly that. You essentially set your self a goal and instead of working towards it you work back from it.

So lets say you want to earn £100,000 a year. That in itself sounds pretty high. Especially if you are earning far less than that figure.

Nevertheless, if you break it up into smaller chunks it appears for more achievable.

So 100k per year is roughly £8333 per month. Work it out on a weekly basis and it is £2083. Now how much it it per day ? £297 per day. 

How To Realistically Earn £100k A Year

From these calculations we have worked out that you need to make £297 per day to earn £100,000 a year. This still may sound difficult. So lets work it out hourly.

As an example, I will estimate you work 8 hours per day. As a result, you will need to make £37 per hour to make £100,000 a year. 

How To Realistically Earn £100k A Year

Now this is far more realistic. Making £37 an hour is easily achievable through websites like Outsourcer. Therefore all you need to do is set your goal at £37 per hour and you will be well on your way to making £100,000 per year.


The benefits of working backwards from your goals is that it becomes far more realistic and appears more achievable. Also by taking the small steps, it will eventually compound and will result in far greater success.

So, there we have it, this is how to realistically earn 100k a year through goal-setting. As a recap, set your goals and then work backwards until it becomes more manageable. Also the above example is taking into account that you are working everyday. However, you can play around with it to make it work for you.