Here we explain all about fiction and why you should starting writing it.

Furthermore, modern living can be great, but life can also be dull, overpowering, hectic and relentless. Ask most people and they would love to escape the madness of their own existence. We just love a good story, it’s built into our history and indeed out DNA. From the fables of our ancestors to watching TV on our phones, we all need a story. We need our fix of emotional turmoil, the drama from life and death scenarios, so removed from the reality of our own lives.  


Escape The Routine

Well that’s what fiction is all about, a chance to escape the routine of your everyday life. But stories need to be good, written from the heart and full of character’s that draw you into the story. You write fiction to question, test and entertain your audience. You need to plan, research and express your creativity in every single word you write.

Yes, fiction allows you to write the tale of a thousand lifetimes. It gives your audience the opportunity to experience things they could never experience themselves. It’s fun to come up with ideas, often where they come from you will never know.

Why Should You Write Fiction?

Everyone has at least one book they can write. A story they would like to share with the world. To amuse people from a story created in your mind, from your own ideas and imagination can be exhilarating. When they read your story, they will connect across history and distance. Fiction is hope and dreams expressed through the medium of word. 

Therefore, that is why you should write fiction. Begin your journey today and get writing.


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