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Not only is it user friendly. But it actually enables freelancers to find work and users to find the worlds best freelancers. 

From a recent survey carried out by our parent company Global Sound Group, we found that more professionals and graduates are becoming freelancers than ever before.

Freelance Marketplace

The reason for this is because the way in which people work is changing.

Luckily, we no longer live in the industrial revolution where people need to get up to go to a job every day (which they probably hate) just to put bread on the table.

Furthermore, more and more people are waking up to the idea of the digital revolution. As a result, a 17 year old in his bedroom, can now make far more money than the CEO of a respectable company. This has been proven. Just look at the 17 year old who sold an app to Yahoo for $13 million.

Nevertheless, due to more people starting their own online business, the competition is increasing which makes online marketing more expensive. However, sites like Outsourcer enable freelance professionals to find work. Also it enables professionals to build a great income without having to pay for those large marketing costs.

Freelance Marketplace


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