If you are a freelancer then I can guarantee that you are looking for more freelance work, right?

Well, every freelancer is. However, what do you do when the internet is becoming more competitive for freelancers?

Freelance Work

The answer is, you take full advantage of freelance websites like Outsourcer.

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Let me tell you a story about a lady called Rachel who I spoke to in November 2018 in a busy cafe in Manchester city centre.

Freelance Work

Rachel, had left her role at a busy graphic design firm to start up her own business. I asked her how she was finding the self employed life. To this day I remember her telling me how difficult it was for her to find new clients. I could hear the worry in her voice and I could feel she was regretting the decision to leave her well paid job at one of Manchesters biggest graphic companies. To be honest, it was painful to listen to. However, I introduced her to Outsourcer.

By the end of our conversation she had already got her mobile out and was eager to register. Within a few weeks of being an Outsourcer seller she had already found several projects. We caught up with her in summer 2019 and her schedule is now jam packed with new customers.

Freelance Work

The morale of this story is that you are never alone. In fact, you will be surprised to find just how much help is available for freelancers.

Therefore, take full advantage of Outsourcer and find more freelance work today.