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Here is a short story about an entrepreneur who was struggling to cope with his busy schedule, which nearly cost him everything.

You are not alone


Martin Hulme was an experienced financial advisor working out of Atlanta. He ran a very successful consultancy business providing mortgage advice to first time home owners.

As with the majority of business owners, Martin really struggled with time management. As a result, he would often spend long hours working on trivial tasks. This meant that he neglected the more important and urgent matters.

Unlike many, Martin managed to keep working like this for a few years however one day the cracks did begin to appear. A law suit arrived on Martin's desk for a claim of professional negligence. The claim stated that Martin had given incorrect advice which as a result cost his client thousands of dollars. Martin knew instantly that this error was because of him having too large a workload and feeling the need to do everything himself.

To Martins saviour, he remembered receiving a business card from a local outsourcing company at a recent business network event. He had no choice but to ring them up to seek help with his workload. So there he was, sat at his desk with his head in his hands offloading all of his stresses and work requirements to a lady on the other end of the phone. That same day the majority of Martins tasks had been outsourced and his stress had been lifted.

As a result, business profits increased ten fold. He was now able to concentrate on the most important tasks. It also prevented him from making any more unnecessary mistakes. He also managed to get out of the law suit with advice from a local legal advisor.



The moral of the story is that you are never alone. Therefore, do not feel you have to do everything yourself.

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