Every customer needs to trust you first before purchasing products or services. Therefore the importance of trust is paramount.

Firstly, you need to create strong trust with potential customers. Here are some ways to build trust.


importance of trust

Stick to your word. If you say you will do something by a certain day or time then stick to what you say. Congruence is pivotal when building trust. As a result, it will demonstrate your professionalism and make customers view you as reliable.

Underpromise. Over Deliver.

Over Deliver

Similar to being congruent, you always want to make sure that you do not over promise and then under deliver.

In fact, this is possibly the worst thing you can do when trying to build trust.

Think back to a time when you purchased a service and they did not deliver exactly what they said? You lose all trust and confidence in that person or company.

Be Personable


Do not be rude to your customers and do not treat them with disrespect. Furthermore, people generally trust those who they like. Therefore you must come across as personable and actually genuine when speaking to them. As a result, your customers will respect and trust you in return.



Trust is not built overnight.

Long term trust can take a long time to build. Therefore be patient and do not expect your customers to trust you instantly on everything you say. Nevertheless, trust starts from day one. As a result, you must provide a great first impression and it will grow over time.

So there we have the importance of trust and how to build trust with customers.

Trust grows and it can take time to build long lasting relationships. However, it can be ruined in an instant. Also, you must remember that it is incredibly hard to rebuild trust once it has been broken.