In this blog post we will help you answer, is your business a problem child?

Firstly, a problem child is a business which has a small market share in a fast growing industry. Is this you? You may ask why is this bad if the market has potential? The reason is because the business will require heavy capital investment to turn it into a star.

The problem child terminology comes from the four categories in the BCG matrix.

  • Cash Cows
  • Dogs
  • Question Marks (Problem Child)
  • Star

Overall, problem children require attention and they should only be invested in if a real potential of growth is likely. The managers are responsible for working out and judging if potential is possible.

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In this blog post we will help you answer, is your business a problem child?

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Is your business a problem child?
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Is your business a problem child?
In this blog post we will help you answer, is your business a problem child?
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