There is a reason why the worlds most succesful individuals say that you should listen more than you talk. Here is why.

Listen More Than You Talk

Firstly, if you are doing all the talking all the time, then how can you possibly be learning anything? The fact, is that you are not.

Also by actively listening you enable yourself to connect with more people and it will make you more respectable and be seen more as a leader.

Did you know that those who talk all the time actually have less influence? Well it is true.

Listen More Than You Talk

Quick Exercise

Lets do a quick exercise.

Think back to a time when you said something really dumb? How did that make you feel? Well, the odds of you saying something dumb are far less when you are not the one doing all the talking. It also gives you more power in the conversation.

Another reason, to listen more is that it will make the other person feel more valued. Therefore, making you a far greater person. Lets face it, no one feels good when another person is talking them down and does not allow them to get a word in edge ways. Do not be that person.

Listen More Than You Talk


Lastly, by talking less it means that when you speak, people will be more likely to listen. This is because, they will be curious to know what you have to say and they will take you far more seriously than someone who talks about everything.

On the other hand, I am not saying that you should never talk again. Obviously, a conversation includes two people talking. However, you should aim to listen more than you talk.

So there we have it. If you are wondering why you are not excelling or succeeding in your profession, you may want to check your listening habits.