All entrepreneurs, not just start up companies need a marketing growth engine. A growth engine has the power to take you from strength to strength. Furthermore here I go through the best practises to build a growth engine which succeeds.

Marketing Growth Engine

Firstly, what is a marketing growth engine?

A growth engine is essentially lots of different parts of marketing which will bring you exponential success.

Here are some common components of a marketing growth engine.

  • Blogging
  • Social Media
  • Podcasts
  • SEO
  • Guerilla marketing
  • Mobile marketing
  • Email marketing

Marketing Growth Engine

So how do you start building your engine today?

You start by adding an element of marketing into your business. This could be for example, email marketing.

Get this area of marketing up to scratch and functioning and then move onto another form of marketing.

Marketing Growth Engine


To make the growth engine work you need to consistently ensure that each area of your marketing is functioning properly. Over time, this will compound and create success. Also you keep this running 24/7 and the results you will achieve will be astounding. Therefore, do not just stick to one area of marketing. Diversify ways you market yourself and let your marketing work for you.

So, ask yourself, are you looking for exponential success? If your an entrepreneur then the answer to this question is always a yes.

Therefore do not neglect any areas of your marketing and ensure that each marketing area is being fulfilled. As a result, you will build an engine which is unstoppable.

Also the world of marketing is forever evolving and developing. Therefore, you must ensure that you are keeping up to date with current trends. On the flip side, be sure that you are keeping an eye on the marketing which you are currently using. This is because some technologies and methods do become obsolete.

Remember, adaptability is key.