It is an incredible time to be alive. In my opinion there has never been a better time to make money and do what you love. However, working online can bring obstacles. But you can increase success by constantly keeping a close eye on new ways to make more money online.

Make more money online

Firstly, do you have a website? Chances are you do. If you do not then get a website built today.

For all those of you who do have a website, you will most likely have or be experiencing the most common obstacles below.

  1. Website looks great but no one comes to it.
  2. You are getting good traffic but you are not converting sales.
  3. You have a website but you do not know what the next step is to increase exposure.
  4. Your website looks great, you have good traffic but you do not have the budget to get it to the next level.

Make more money online

These are just a number of potential problems website and business owners face every single day. However, the good thing is that all of these can be resolved.

Here I will go through ways you can turn your website into a sales machine.


You may already be familiar with TESS, but from my own experience it is not widely known online.

TESS stands for Testimonials, Examples, Stats and Stories.

You must have all of these 4 points on your website. If a potential customers lands on your website then they will want to see all of the above.

A lot of the websites I see on a regular basis include maybe one of these points but they do not include all. By adding TESSĀ  you will be sure to convert more customers.


Image placement is key and the type of image you use can influence conversions. It is not ideal to use stock footage and real life imagery is always favourable. Also try and use more face images in your websites. It is no good just showing hands for example.

Here is an example of a good use of images on a website.

Make more money online

There are many more ways you can make more money online through your website.

Keep an eye on more posts for more techniques.