Your online footprint must be incredible to be classed as a high quality brand in your industry.

Online Footprint

Is your online footprint on top of its game?

Think back to a time when you saw a social media account or website of a business which had bad quality posts? It instantly turns you off and makes you judge the business as anything but professional (No business wants that judgement).

Bad social media posts are just one of the problems facing online businesses in 2020.

Bad Social Media Post

There is also the fact that some businesses have really low quality logos and images scattered around their websites and socials. Again, this is damaging the reputation of the business.

Bad Spelling And Grammar

The amount of posts I see online with incorrect spelling and grammar is astounding. This is one of the fastest ways to put any prospect off. What hope does a business have of solving a customers problems if it cannot even get the basics right?

Online Footprint

Also, nowadays it is pretty difficult to spell a word incorrectly due to online spell checkers and websites like Grammarly which fix your grammar problems for you.

So what can be done if you have a bad online footprint?

You need to start fixing it today.


The first step is to start removing bad quality images and posts which do not portray your business in the best light. Also if you have a website, you need to ensure that your website looks professional not only on desktops but also tablets and mobiles.

So there we have it folks! Get your online footprint in order otherwise you will be damaging your reputation and reducing the chances of future success.

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