Setting priorities is extremely important to ensure you get the most important and urgent tasks complete first. However, many people struggle to determine which tasks they should prioritise therefore here we explain the real way to set priorities.

The Real Way To Set Priorities
The Real Way To Set Priorities

Why Prioritising Tasks Is So Important

  1. Enables you to keep a clear focus on your tasks.
  2. Pushes you closer to your goals and faster.
  3. Allows you to concentrate on the most important tasks.
  4. Gives you a clear indication on which tasks to delegate.
The Real Way To Set Priorities
The Real Way To Set Priorities

Method #1 For Setting Prioritises

  1. Decide which task you would do if you could only do one.
  2. Then put it aside.
  3. Then do it again with the remaining tasks. This becomes the second most important.
  4. Repeat the process until all tasks have been prioritised.

Method #2 For Setting Prioritises

Use the Eisenhower Matrix to decide the importance and urgency of each task.

Try and use the Eisenhower Matrix everyday and you will soon start to notice that you are fast tracking your progress.

Method #3 Eat The Frog

Eating the frog is a term and method created by Brian Tracy. Similar to method 1, it essentially concentrates on working on the hardest and most important task first. The method here is to then keep eating the frog as you complete each task. After you have completed the most important task, then determine what is the next most important task and complete that. Keep going. 

Overall, setting priorities is the key to achieving your goals and objectives. As a result, it enables you to keep a clear focus on the tasks and projects most important to yourself. This is essential to success as it prevents you from taking a detour and going off track on what you are actually trying to accomplish.