Imagine if you could achieve everything in which you set out for? Well, it is very much possible to do so. However, you must set promises and not goals.

Set Promises And Not Goals

Firstly, a promise has a far deeper meaning than a goal. A goal is what you are aiming to achieve however a promise is a declaration that you will do something or make something happen.

Imagine that today, you made a promise to an employee or close friend or a a family member. You would do everything possible to ensure that you stuck to your promise, wouldn’t you?

Therefore, why not do the same for yourself?

Set Promises And Not Goals

Overall it easy to forget goals and dismiss them. This happens every year when people create new years resolutions, these goals are usually gone after a month or two.


Nevertheless, a promise is a commitment. A promise is harder to forget and also a lot harder to dismiss.

Become the best version of yourself and achieve anything in life by making a promise to yourself that you will accomplish exactly what you want.

Achieve More

Do not fall into the trap of setting goals which eventually you do not meet. Lets face it, lots of people set goals each day and because it is just a goal they accept that they did not reach it and they move on with their life. However, with a promise that is not good enough. A promise does not get waived off so easily.

Therefore, set promises and not goals. It is surprising just how quickly it will change your life and the motivation it produces is astounding.

Set Promises And Not Goals

Having used this system for many years, I can confirm it works.

You can also fast track your success simply by setting more promises.

So, what are you waiting for? What is your first promise?