You may have come across ‘KISS‘ before. But what does it stand for? Firstly, it has nothing to do with romance. In fact it means keep it simple stupid.

Keep It Simple Stupid Keep It Simple Stupid

In my career I have spoken to many business owners and managers who generally over complicate everything. But, in the majority of instances, there is really no need to over complicate any situation.

The disadvantage of over complicating everything is that it creates mind fog. As a result, this does not achieve anything and it will slow down productivity.


So what is the solution? The best trick is to keep it simple.

Furthermore, if you have a website, you do not need to make it more complex than what its actual purpose is. Also, users will be grateful if you keep it straight to the point. 

Think back to a time when you ordered a service and it all got very complex very quickly. Why? There is no need and no one wants that. 

Another time to use KISS is when writing your business plan. Moreover a business plan is there to provide you a path to achieve your goals and objectives. However, many business owners feel the need to go too far and make it extremely complicated, often they do not even know what the next action is. 


Here is another exercise, think of one of the smartest individuals who has lived?

A lot of people will say Albert Einstein and one of his famous quotes is “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler.”

Keep It Simple Stupid

So there we have it, you do not need to over complicate situations as all this will do is confuse matters. 

Remember, keep it simple stupid. 


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