Do you know why you should sweat the small stuff? The answer is because it will enable you to achieve more.

Every day I speak to business owners and entrepreneurs and it is clear to see that they are only concentrating on the bigger picture.

Why You Should Sweat The Small Stuff

Yes, it is important to have an holistic approach however you must never lose sight of the smaller jobs and tasks.

By keeping a close eye on the small stuff you increase the quality of your work. That is extremely important when creating value for your customers.

Why You Should Sweat The Small Stuff

Also, by keeping a focus on not only the larger tasks but the smaller tasks too, you will eventually see those small tasks compound into a far greater result.

Nevertheless, that is not to say that you have to work on all the small jobs and projects yourself. But to keep a close eye on them.

With smaller tasks and less important projects it is always advisable to outsource these to a freelancers. There are many benefits for doing this and you can read them here.

However, never forget or turn a blind eye on these tasks because in the long run it will have a knock on effect to your business.

Why You Should Sweat The Small Stuff


Overall, sweating the small stuff is important. Also the well known statement 'Do not sweat the small stuff' is ridiculous. It is extremely inaccurate and bad guidance.

The right way to do it is to sweat the small stuff. But get someone else to look after them for you however never take your eye off the ball.

Finally, remember that you need to balance the long term vision with the everyday tasks which are carried out.

By keeping a close eye on the daily tasks, you will run a far tighter ship. 

Try it out for yourself, you will not be disappointed.