Triggers are stimuli which influence a person to complete an action. We see triggers every day and they are all around us. However what are the top triggers to increase sales? And how can we use these triggers to produce more revenue?


Firstly, a trigger has the power to convert even the sternest of prospects into a customer. As a result, most business uses them.

Here are some top triggers which you need to start using today.

Call To Actions (CTA)

Top Triggers To Increase Sales

Having a clear call to action is important to ensure that you convert customers. Without a call to action you will miss out on potential clients. This is because there will be no clear step in which you want them take. A call to action can be as simple as a click here or find out more by clicking here button. I am often surprised to see even some of the worlds biggest businesses having websites without a clear CTA. What does having no CTA achieve? No results.


Top Triggers To Increase Sales

Did you know that scarcity is one of the biggest forms of sales influence? That is because people do not want to miss out on a great deal. A great example is hotel booking sites. They generally tell you that there is only a few rooms left and what does this cause? It causes an emotional reaction. Therefore, consumers book the rooms to prevent losing out. Another great way to use this technique is to offer a discount with an expiry date. Naturally, consumers will want to take advantage of the discount and will use it ahead of the deadline, again to prevent missing out.


Top Triggers To Increase Sales

TESS stands for testimonials, examples, stats and stories. We mention it quite a lot here on Outsourcer and the reason is because it is extremely powerful but yet hardly talked about. By including TESS on your website or anywhere you sell, you will see results, I can be sure of that. 

So there we have it, here are just some of the top triggers to increase sales.