My Name is Akash Tekam and I'm a music composer , Music producer and  mix engineer.

I do background scores ,cover songs ,and do arrangements for new compositions.

I left my job (piano and guitar Teacher)few days ago and decided to do mixing and music production.

1. Pre production  day
A.Dummy with piano or guitar
B. chords sketch
C. Build a rough track. (4 main Instruments)
2. Production day
A. Work on rhythm section
B. Work on effect section and pads
3. Post production day
A. Do all your production pending work
4. Rough mix day.     ( In studio)
A. Balancing all instruments
(Eqing, compressing , gain       staging,rough reverbs  , delay)
B. Recording main vocals final
5. Final mix day (in studio)
A. Balancing all instruments
B. Adding automations
C. Cross checking all effects      (Eqing, compressing , gain       staging,rough reverbs  , delay)
6.Mastering day
A. Mastering whole audio
B. Listening to 5 different  monitors.           or speakers and in 5 different  earphones