Professional audio mixing and mastering for all types of work and applications - (Music / OST / Post / Dialogue / ADR / Audio Repair / Tuning / Sound design)

All work done by Leon Davis, a professional IMDb credited, UMA nominated audio engineer with a BA(hons) degree music technology and over 13 years of experience.

Credits: Ne-Yo, Apple Inc, Complex UK, Zed Bias, Wiley, JME, Giggs, Tempa T, Angel, Saskilla, Trillary Banks, Izzie Gibbs, Rough Copy, Dot Rotten (Zeph Ellis), C Cane, Kid Bookie, Rick Ross, Gunplay, Waka Flocka, Ms Banks, Ella Ferdinands, Erin Budina. Plus many more...

My setup consists of both analogue and digital gear for best results, depending on the project or task. 

DAW: Studio One Pro, Pro Tools, Logic X, Ableton

Processing: Waves Suites, Slate Digital Bundle, SSL Native Suite, Izotope Suites

Outboard: Avalon 737sp, DBX 166XL, Behringer SX3040,

Monitoring: Adam S2.5a (Custom), Yamaha NS-10sw

Console: Yamaha DM2000 V2

AD/DA: MOTU 828 Mk3

Room: Acoustically treated

CPU: Apple Mac

Internet connection: 72Mbps

Previous works:

Price may vary depending on the work

Please send all audio files as a WAV file, minimum 24bit 44.1Khz. Completely dry (no FX or Plugins).

Or a zip of the whole DAW project folder containing all the appropriate files needed.

You can send files via; WeTransfer, Google Drive, One Drive, Dropbox, etc. (please make sure I have permission to access the file)


Twitter: @Official_WZRD

Instagram: @OfficialWZRD