I will write you a beautifully written article with journalistic language. I cover a huge variety of topics:

  • Philosophy – Nietzsche’s Thus Spoke Tharathustra, Plato’s republic, existentialism in 20th century Europe,
  • Gaming – mobile, FPS, PC, Xbox/PlayStation, retro
  • Music – 70s rock, 2000s Hip Hop, 90s pop, International eg French German Russian 
  • Cinema – international film, Hollywood, short films, arthouse
  • TV – Breaking Bad, Community, Parks and rec, Narcos
  • Business – analysing the stock market, the impact of COVID-19 on the housing market, forex reserves..

You name it and I’ll do it.

Having stated what topic you would like me to write about, I will both use my own knowledge and conduct my own research to give you the best possible quality of writing.

I never will charge extra for anything. Simply tell me what the purpose of the article is e.g Newspaper, Blog, essay and tell me what mood you would like it written in e.g humorous and light, or formal and serious and how long you would like it and I will get it done.