I will professionally mix and master your song.
- no limit on track count
- no limit on revisions
- no presets

I will apply:
- level adjustment
- vocal tuning and audio cleaning if necessary
- eq
- compression
- saturation
- effects
- automation
- other advanced techniques
- professional master

About me:
I am Jhay Ehidio, a music producer and audio engineer. I have been doing music/audio work since 2009. I do music production, mixing, mastering, audio editing, vocal tuning, and other music/audio-related work. I currently write and produce original music for my band called Y ARA as my main gig. We currently have 100,000 monthly listeners on Spotify and millions in total streams in less than a year across major streaming platforms. I mix and master our own tracks. I also produce, mix and master for other artists across the globe. I'm more than willing to offer my expertise and services related to music/audio.