**This offer is for <200 words**

If required, usage fees are to be agreed before recording.

This is for non-broadcast work. Contact me to discuss TV/Radio work as this WILL incur usage fees.

I am able to provide:

* A very quick turnaround
* As many takes as required if I’ve made a mistake
* And provide the audio in whatever format you require.

"A light, British English, male voice. Affable, friendly, genuine, relaxed, approachable and sincere. Your guy next door"

If you can't see exactly what you need - I can do a custom order for you.

I have a professional home studio with...

Neumann TLM 103 microphone
Audient ID14 audio interface
Adobe Audition CC 2018
2017 27" iMac

Looking forward to working with you on your next project.

**This price includes ONE re-read for style/direction changes, OR two rounds of minor script changes within 30 days of delivery of audio. Any changes beyond that, but within 30 days, will incur a retake fee outlined below, or 100% of the original quoted price if after 30 days**

I do not charge for retakes that are due to my read. Revisions as a result of script changes after the final recording will be subject to additional billing based on the scope of work required.