Nowadays it is extremely easy to make orchestral-sounding music. Sample libraries have come to the point where an untrained ear will have a very hard time telling the difference. What most people working in this field do lack though, is the knowledge of how the instruments they are working with work, thus achieving human-sounding orchestral music is definitely still challenge hard to overcome.

I had the luck of working with both real orchestras and sampled ones and both in professional studios: I know that the “perfection” of a great-sounding orchestra is in the tons of small imperfections every instrument has in an ensemble context, and I know how to make my samples work.

Ask me about this to have an original orchestral/hybrid piece or to arrange some orchestra on your existing music!

Price is for a song under 4 minutes.

And depending on what you need it's gonna take more or less days, ignore what I wrote on here!

Let’s make it happen!