Industry Standard Mastering.

My deliverables will align with all popular streaming sites loudness standards. I provide deliverables that are ready to be uploaded to your distributor (tunecore, cdbaby, etc...) and also provide files for SoundCloud streaming and your personal library. Usually, I can get small projects (1-3 tracks) done within 24-48 hours while larger projects may take some more time.

Why Me?

I have an excellent selection of top-notch hardware and software as well as a premium monitoring system. My deliverables will make your record reach its maximum potential on all the streaming sites you plan on using. You can expect your record to harmonize with other professional records on all playback systems.

What To Expect

You will have to provide me with a lossless version of your project, most likely through a downloadable link. Please have your mix at the maximum peaking around -5 dB. Take note that the mastering process will not be able to fix all the problems that may be present from a bad recording or mix. Once I have your project done I will provide a download link for your mastered files. I offer 3 free revisions of the master if any changes need to be made.