I have been working as back end developer for 2 years now. As back end developer i have been working mainly with python. I had the opportunity to work in big project and small project. I have been working as back end developer in building and E-Commerce web site.
In this project we uses the following technologies and methodologies:
- microservices
- Python, flask, blueprint, flask-restful
- prostgreSQL,
- SqlAlchemy,
- Gitlab,
- docker and docker- compose
- test driven development technique.
- Amazon EC2
- Amazon cognito
- Amazon S3

I have also worked as full stack developer in building a Real Time Taxi Application with Django Channels and angular js. In this project we uses:
- Django,
- Django REST Framework,
- Django Channels,
- Postgres,
- Redis, Anglular, WebSocker, docker, and docker-compose

My determination in bring solution to task that i have is one of the positive attitude that i have in all project that are assign to me. I have always driven 98% of project that were assign to me to a successful result. This attitude makes me to be sure that your project will be be driven to and end with a good result.

I'm not afraid to new technologies and in fact, I'm very eager to learn. Any questions, don't hesitate on asking.