Hi lovely person!

My name is Martine and I'm a Virtual Assistant and I live in Greater Manchester in the UK. Running a business is tough if you’re a sole trader or only have a small team. There is a lot to do. Many small and medium size businesses spend a huge amount of time bogged down in administration, marketing, website maintenance, social media management, to name only a few things. I am here to throw you a life belt! I can take the reins for you, freeing up more time and brain space for some of the following:

* Focusing on building and expanding your business

* Investing in your own education. Taking courses to add more knowledge and more strings to your bow

* Spending more precious time with your family and friends

* Being able to take the time to look after your own wellbeing and health

* Taking some time out for yourself to do the things you love for YOU

Freelance Virtual Assistants give you the freedom to do all this and more! We are ideal if you don’t want to hire permanent members of staff. Hiring permanent staff can be a long-winded and expensive process. Some of the hurdles a business may have to jump through to do this are things such as:

* Placing job adverts

* Finding and paying for a recruitment agency

* Training time and costs

* Finding and setting up the space for a new employee

* Providing employee benefits

All this time-eating drama ceases to exist when you hire a Virtual Assistant! I can provide you short term or long-term solutions. You might want to hire me just for a few hours a week or maybe full time. You might need my help for only a couple of weeks or you might need me for a year or perhaps more. Whatever your needs, I can tailor my support to suit you!

Here are some of services that I can provide:

Data Entry

Email Management


Travel Research & Booking

Social Media Management

General Research

Diary Management

File System Implementation

File System Management

Document Formatting

WordPress Website Implementation

Website Updates


Project Assistance

If there is a task you need help with that isn’t on my list, fear not! Don’t hesitate to ask and I’ll see if we can arrange something.

I provide premium services at a very competitive price. So what are you waiting for?

I really hope I can help you out. Life is short, hire a Virtual Assistant!

Martine ?